New Year - New Food Challenge & January Specials

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Published On: Dec 30, 2019

It's a new year and we are SO excited to help you and your pets thrive in 2020! Keep reading below for info on our New Year - New Food Challenge and the rest of the January specials.


New Year - New Food Challenge

This new year, we are challenging you to ‘up your game’ in your dog’s nutrition! And, you could win a full year of FREE dog food in the process. Keep reading for details. 

Through proper holistic nutrition, you can alleviate many of the ‘ailments’ our pets experience - dry skin, dull coats, allergies (itching and licking), gassy stomachs. These ailments are related to substandard food and inconsistent formulas. As a main focus of Dee-O-Gee from the beginning, Dee-O-Gee offers a wide range of reasonably priced, high-quality dog & cat foods with a variety of formula options, as well as Montana’s largest selection of natural pet supplements. 

So, how does the New Year - New Food Challenge work? Good question!

1. Bring in your EMPTY bag of dog food from any box store or grocery store and receive a FREE 5# bag of food from us.

2. Bring in the empty 5# bag from Dee-O-Gee (after your dog finishes it) and receive $10 OFF your next big bag!

BONUS: complete steps 1 & 2 and be entered to win FREE Dog Food for a year!

It’s a win-win for you and your pet. Find a food that you can feel good about feeding your pup and that fits your budget. 

Questions? Reach out to us on social media or stop by our store/s and chat with us. We’d love that!

January Specials 

Offered every day in January

 - $10 Day Camp 
     Saturdays in January

 - Save on ZiwiPeak! 
     $5 off 1# bags and $10 off 2.2# bags
     Buy 2, get 1 FREE on dog cans

 - 20% OFF dog toys
     Tuffy's durable dog toys

This month is for the c-a-t's!

40% OFF freeze-dried cat food from ZiwiPeak. See your friendly Pet Health Ambassador for full details.

Full details on how #WednesdayWOOF works are here.